Mandy Michael

Controlling, designing and improving text on the web

Mandy Michael Staff Software Engineer Hireup

Mandy is a multiple award-winning Front End Developer, previously an Engineering Manager for Seven West Media, she now works as a Staff Software Engineer at Hireup. She speaks at conferences and events locally and internationally sharing her work and experiments with new and old technology. Mandy is an avid supporter of local communities, organising and volunteering at events across Australia. She is the Founder and Organiser of Fenders a Perth meetup for Front End Developers, Director of Mixin Conf, a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies, a Microsoft Regional Director and in its inaugural year, in 2018, was named one of the Top 20 Women in Tech in Western Australia.

Controlling, designing and improving text on the web

Text content forms the foundation of everything we do on the web, it doesn’t matter if you are building an admin system, a marketing website, or a product, you will have to work with text. CSS and font specifications have evolved, so whether you are scaling, wrapping, responding or designing something to make an impact, there are many practical, responsible and fun solutions for working with text based content on the web.

We’ll look at modern approaches and technical solutions for working with text, including variable fonts, css text tricks and features for the serious or party side of your projects. You’ll learn techniques that will help you build flexible and maintainable content right now and explore some of the exciting developments to look out for in the future.

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