Ash Ma

Decisions and behaviours to reach your future state

Ash Ma Senior Product Manager Zip

Ash is a senior product manager at Zip and enjoys validating all the weird and wonderful ideas.

Prior to Zip, Ash worked as a product manager in other B2B businesses, solving great problems with innovative solutions. Ash has over eight years of experience in financial services and technology. He is most passionate about leading and building highly engaged and performing product and engineering teams. Outside of work, Ash is either preparing for his next ski trip or making a fool of himself doing improv.

Decisions and behaviours to reach your future state

For many companies and product managers it is natural to over index on short term needs rather than investing towards longer term objectives with longer payoffs. A well balanced roadmap can capture immediate opportunities and strategically position the product to enter new verticals or protect against disruption in the longer term. This session will present key decision points to ensure your product can achieve its longer term goals. It will also outline some of the behaviours and methods that product leaders, and leaders generally should practice in order to ensure the success in reaching your future state.

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