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Jack O'Donoghue

Design Fiction and Space to Speculate

Jack O'Donoghue Experience Design Lead Sportsbet

When we work in the same way as our competitors, we sign up for the same set of constraints. On the same path to the same destination. We’re good at improving our products through a series of iterations, but the holy grail of bold innovation is as elusive as ever.

We’ll see how fictions and possible futures can help us to think without boundaries. We’ll talk atomic priests, glowing cats, and love-struck computers to see how making space to speculate leads to new ideas.

Jack O'Donoghue

Jack has 10 years of industry experience in website and user interface design, with a client list that includes HSBC, Vodafone, Samsung, Aviva, IBM, and Sportsbet.

His unique strength as a design leader is an ability to interpret complex problems and challenges into simple objectives. He has solid experience working collaboratively with cross-functional teams and other departments and is fluent in front-end dev so enjoys a conversation with the dev team about creative solutions to technical constraints.

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