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Tracy Powell Head of Engineering Mentorloop

Why your team needs juniors

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Why your team needs juniors

When you look at your engineering teams, how many juniors do you see? Have you heard "we're too busy to hire junior engineers" or "hiring juniors is too risky"?

In this talk Tracy will share why at Mentorloop they believe it’s not just important but imperative to hire juniors, graduates, and interns - how it helps you build an amazing engineering culture and how the shape of your engineering team directly contributes to a healthy, thriving, high performing team.

Successfully hiring and growing junior engineers doesn’t happen by accident, so Tracy will also cover how to get buy-in from senior leadership, practical tips for the hiring process, and how to create great onboarding and development plans that will get your junior developers up and running in no time. From this session, you will come away with the confidence not just to hire juniors, but the knowledge and plans to ensure that you are growing your engineering teams.

Tracy Powell

Travy Powell is an experienced engineering leader, passionate about building intuitive and elegant software as a service to improve the way people live and work.

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