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Tanya Pelly

The new playbook for 1:1s

Tanya Pelly co-founder peopleLOOP

Made famous by the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, and taken up widely during the pandemic, the 1:1 has become the go to meeting format for people managers in remote and distributed work.

But often, instead of helping develop your people better, 1:1s can get bogged down on working out what to talk about, or turn into a laundry list of project check-ins….So, what is the best way to approach your 1:1s, to set your people up for success?

In this presentation, Tanya and Warwick Pelly share their research on 1:1s - and how you can create greater value from them, in less time.

Tanya Pelly

Medical doctor turned 'people-preneur' - committed to the infinite game of making work better for humans....previously consultant to govt and private sector in use of data for human impact....designs and implements thriving workplace practices.....Gen Z mindset in a Gen X timeline!

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Creating world class engineering teams and cultures

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