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Sebastiano Armeli

From Mission to Strategy, going over Roadmap and OKRs.

Sebastiano Armeli Pinterest Head of Shopping Experience Eng

In this session, Sebastiano is going to bring some light on the difference between Mission, Strategy, Roadmap, KPIs and OKRs, and how they all correlate. Through examples and anecdotes, Sebastiano will go through the process of shifting from strategy to tactics and how one of the main responsibilities for an engineering leader is explicitly making the connection between personal goals (for a manager or an IC) and the organizational mission and strategy. Sebastiano will also talk about the importance of measuring goals (through OKRs) and how leaders can ensure to stay on tops of those goals.

Sebastiano Armeli

Sebastiano is an engineering leader currently working at Pinterest as Head of Shopping Experience Engineering. In the past, Sebastiano has been leading engineering teams at a few other companies such as Paypal, Snapchat and Spotify. Sebastiano is an avid listener of podcasts around leadership, management and wellness. In a past life, he was a full-stack web engineer (e.g. he worked as JavaScript engineer at REA). Sebastiano received a MS in Software Engineering from Polytechnic University of Milan and an Executive MBA from the Quantic School of Business and Technology.

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Creating world class engineering teams and cultures

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