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Paul Hughes

The power of potential

Paul Hughes Director of Engineering Enablement Culture Amp

The people in our teams have extraordinarily potential. As leaders, how can we help our amazing people realise that potential (not just become aware of it, but also step into manifesting it), reaping benefits to both business and people?

I'll tell a story of realising potential, from our Culture Amp Engineering internship program, and then will describe some techniques leaders can use when trying to maximise the potential of people in their team, and considerations when designing programs (such as an internship program) to maximise harnessing potential.

Paul Hughes

Paul has been leading software teams for over 20 years, which is a surprising journey for a software developer who was adamant he never wanted to get into leadership. After coming through some health challenges early in his career, Paul discovered a passion for helping people thrive at work and has spent the last decade intentionally focused on the kind of leadership and culture that enables people to flourish while achieving amazing things.

Paul is the Director of Engineering Enablement at Culture Amp, and when he’s not at work you’ll find him spending lots of time with his wife and two teenage girls, undertaking some kind of physically challenging activity, or in the early hours of the morning chipping away at his book “Love Your Team” that explores the importance of love in leadership.

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Creating world class engineering teams and cultures

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