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Empowering High-Performing Distributed Teams

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Empowering High-Performing Distributed Teams

How do you have a team culture where everyone has a voice? How do you have a culture where people can be themselves and at the same time not adversely impact others? The key to developing a supportive team culture where everyone is heard, lies within allowing the team to decide on what they expect from each other. The team creates how they work together.

Most teams working remotely during & post pandemic, found it difficult to connect with every member of the team.

To empower individuals, the team must value the input of each person and, at the very least, they must get along. This may be possible in an established team, though post pandemic with many people working remotely, team members can have wildly different expectations that if not met, can cause great tension. Social contracts create clear expectations & behavioural norms and an opportunity to contribute. The result is that everyone, regardless of their location, has a sense of belonging & a voice.

This session will teach you how to empower your team to create a social contract that will help them overcome team dynamics, different personalities, communication styles & behaviours by agreeing on expectations of how to work together.

Marty Drill

Leading Luminary since 1999, Marty is passionate about digital and about developing cultures where people can thrive.

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