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Kevin Yank

Four Kinds of Leadership in Team of Teams

Kevin Yank Director of Front End Engineering Culture Amp

Lessons on leadership from inside a fast-growing startup that adopted the Team of Teams model.

When you move from a traditional company structure to a Team of Teams model, by forming independent, cross-functional teams around specific company objectives, the nature of leadership changes. Team Leaders, Mentors, Coaches and Capability Leads are each responsible for a distinct form of leadership in this model. Recognising and investing in each, and deciding what kind of leader you’re best suited to be, is perhaps the most exciting challenge of adopting Team of Teams.

Kevin Yank

Culture Amp’s Director of Front End Engineering, Kevin previously spent a decade teaching a generation of developers about web standards at SitePoint, where he also helped to launch success stories like 99designs and Flippa. More recently, he quizzed web developers on HTML, CSS and JavaScript by leading the team behind Sit the Test, and has spoken at tech conferences around the world. On weekends he performs improvised theatre with Impro Melbourne, which is a lot more like building websites than you might expect.

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