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Karolina Szczur

Disruptive or defective? Towards ethical tech innovation

Karolina Szczur Product Designer Calibre

Technology has a profound effect on humankind. But the exponential progress resulted in negative societal impact—from data breaches, promoting inequality to rampant harassment. Tech is incredibly susceptible to bias and manipulation, which has led us astray from humanity towards profitability and exclusion. Disruption cast a shade on responsibility for our creations.

In this talk, you will see examples of algorithmic bias, learn how to understand the impact of exclusionary decision-making and implement actionable strategies to combat it. Come and learn about pitfalls of disruption and how to design products, business models and cultures for ethical innovation.

Karolina Szczur

Karolina has worn many hats over the last decade—a designer, front-end developer, community leader as well as diversity and inclusion activist. Currently, she's co-building Calibre, a web performance monitoring platform aiding in building a faster, more accessible Web for everyone.

She writes and speaks about tech industry culture and ethics, relentlessly pushing towards more diversity and welcoming spaces. Her pieces have been published in Huffington Post, Smashing Magazine, Adobe, The Pastry Box, Creative Bloq and Hack Design amongst others.

With over twenty conferences under her belt, Karolina is also a seasoned organiser, previously curating such well-known events as JSConf and CSSConf Australia or JSConf Europe.

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