Jeremy Nagel

Jeremy Nagel Founder Focus Bear

Neurodiversity at work: helping neurodivergent people thrive

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Neurodiversity at work: helping neurodivergent people thrive

Neurodistinct folks are underrepresented in the workforce. This talk explores what companies can do to embrace the strengths of ND talent and how they can best support their team.

We'll go through the findings from the Neurodiversity in Business report which surveyed 997 ND individuals and 127 organisations on the challenges ND individuals experience in the workplace as well as what accommodations work.

The talk will be grounded in Jeremy's personal experience as someone with ADHD and ASD including getting fired from 5 companies at the start of his career.

Jeremy Nagel

Jeremy is a neurodivergent software developer turned startup founder. He sold his startup Smooth Messenger to MessageMedia in 2022 and now works at MessageMedia as a product manager.

His new startup, Focus Bear, is a productivity and work-life balance app for people with ADHD/ASD.

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