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Grant Sheppard

Scaling web development with a Micro Frontend Architecture

Grant Sheppard Tech Lead REA Group

Developers building web applications in 2022 have access to a diverse range of technologies to help deliver exceptional user experiences. From progressive web applications that work offline to applications that rival their native counterparts, there’s never been a more exciting time to build for the web. However, building these applications is time consuming and often results in a disjointed website experience, often powered by lots of web apps built in isolation by different teams.

During the last two and half years at REA, we’ve been building out a micro frontend architecture to address these problems. Inspired by micro services, this style of architecture allows companies to scale up their teams whilst still enabling these same teams to rapidly build web apps that form part of a larger, connected experience. I’ll take you on a quick trip down the micro frontend rabbit hole, showing you just enough to help you decide whether this architecture is something you should consider at your company.

Grant Sheppard

Grant is a passionate tech head who was a late entrant to frontend development. After spending fifteen years buried in large scale Java integration projects, he saw the light and started spending his time hanging with frontend developers, where he brought some solid backend engineering practices and principles to the frontend. He's now at REA, working closely with design systems and web platform architectures.

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