Elle Meredith & Lachlan Hardy

Elle Meredith & Lachlan Hardy Director, Consultant Blackmill

Confronting difficult conversations

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Confronting difficult conversations

How comfortable are you with workplace situations that lead to conflict? Needing to confront someone puts us in a fight, flight, or freeze response, which is a physical stress condition. Wouldn't it be nice to feel more at ease when in these situations? Or at least have a plan for the conversation?

In this session, you will learn a framework to approach a confrontation, while Elle and Lachlan will role-play a scenario from an engineering team.

Elle Meredith & Lachlan Hardy

Elle is a back-end engineer with more than 15 years of consulting experience, leading projects and teams for many technology organisations. Elle recently completed a post-grad certificate in Psychology for Business and Management at Curtin University, learning new ways to help people improve how they work. She was part of the Victorian Government's Industry Advisory Panel to help assess digital skills training courses for the new Digital Skills and Jobs Program. At Blackmill, she advises executives and engineers in effective management practices so that they become engaging, thoughtful and inclusive leaders.

Lachlan is a front-end engineer with more than 20 years of experience; working and leading teams and orgs for companies such as GitHub, Microsoft, Atlassian, BigPond TV, News Digital Media, and others. Throughout his career, Lachlan has led teams across multiple countries and timezones in numerous leadership roles, including executive levels. At Blackmill, he advises executives and technology leaders how to scale their teams and start shipping again.

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