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Damian Keeghan

Managing change in development practices over time

Damian Keeghan National Front-End Development Lead Deloitte Digital

As developers we want to always be using the latest and greatest techniques and frameworks and try new things, but at leaders we need to weigh this up against training time, consistency between projects and the longevity and support of the framework.

As a lead for over 30 Front-End Developers across Australia, working on 10+ projects at any one time, keeping devs happy and keeping up with technology is a delicate balance. By introducing a few simple rules that govern when and how we include new technologies into projects we've found a happy medium between using new tech and having the wide support and stability of a reusable/common set of frameworks & tools between projects.

Damian Keeghan

Damian Keeghan is National Lead Front End Developer at Deloitte Digital with 15 years experience running his own design and development business, and over 11 years at Deloitte, specialising in interfaces that are responsive, usable, standards compliant, inclusive and accessible for all users.

He leads a large team of Front-End Developers involved with the development of solutions using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, including frameworks like React and Vue.

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Creating world class engineering teams and cultures

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