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Geoff Crain and Aman King

Build empathy through peer feedback

Geoff Crain and Aman King Team Lead, Development Manager Atlassian

In this talk Geoff Crain and Aman King will show you what value peer feedback has brought to Atlassian teams, and how to introduce and nurture it within your team.

Devs talk to each other through pull requests and building technical solutions. They have 1-1s with their managers about personal growth. It can be way better than this: enable and encourage your devs to ask for, and structure actionable feedback to each other to foster individual growth, and build empathy and team work.

Geoff Crain and Aman King

Aman King has been working in the Agile software development space for 13 (lucky) years! He is a Software Development Manager in Atlassian, and previously was a Lead Consultant with ThoughtWorks. He has software development expertise in diverse domains and technologies. Within Atlassian, his focus has been on leveraging Atlassian Cloud Platform to power Atlassian’s cloud products. He is passionate about mentoring and enabling individuals, teams, and organizations to tap into their full potential.

Geoff Crain is a engineering team lead who believes success comes from trusting and respecting your team as people. Starting as a developer in 2008, he worked on developer tools and Atlassian’s Identity platform until 2015 when he made the switch to people management.

In this role, he’s helped grow and strengthen people and practices to deliver value in a rewarding, sustainable and inclusive environment, most recently in Bitbucket Pipelines.

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Creating world class engineering teams and cultures

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