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Chris Modica

How to grow and scale your engineering organisation

Chris Modica Chief Architect - Digital and Application Innovation Microsoft

Engineering teams grow for a variety of different reasons. Maybe it's due to organic growth; Maybe it's growth due to acquisitions or mergers; Maybe you're moving into new markets, building new products ....

What worked for a small engineering org (10-20 people), likely wouldn't scale as you continue to grow your teams.

New questions and challenges start to emerge :

  • How do we manage individuals and teams across different locations and time-zones?
  • When should we add Engineering leaders, Managers, VPoE etc ?
  • Should we have full-stack or domain specific engineers?
  • Do I need a dedicated security team?
  • How could we scale through partners? What should we keep inhouse vs work with partners?
  • How should we balance BAU and Project Work?
  • How should backlogs, sprints and work be managed across multiple teams?
  • Should we standardise tooling or allow teams to self-manage/self-select?
  • When should we add more Scrum Masters, Product Managers and role equivalents?

The intent of this session is to share knowledge based on lived experience to help you with these key questions and your company growth.

Chris Modica

Chris is a Chief Architect (Digital and Application Innovation) at Microsoft. In his role he works with some of Australia's largest companies across different industries in a CTO advisory capacity.

Formerly a Principal Architect at AWS for 4 years. He worked with many high profile and high growth ANZ (B2B & B2C) based SaaS, ISV and sofware businesses in ANZ, UK, US, CN and ZA markets;

Chris has a 14+ year background in sofware development across a broad range of industries, technologies and programming languages.

He worked as a CTO, VP of Engineering and equivalent roles where he has created, scaled and managed large teams (20-160+) across multiple countries.

Passionate about helping product engineering teams innovate by leveraging modern application development and sofware engineering best practices at scale.

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Creating world class engineering teams and cultures

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