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Erin Wild and Javier Moreno

Web Performance at Scale–The Shopify Experience

Erin Wild and Javier Moreno Performance Engineering Shopify

Shopify has a large and detailed view into the operations and evolution of e-commerce worldwide. In this talk we will present the work we have done in the last year to put speed at the front and centre of development culture at the company, as well as our strategy for performance data collection and analysis. We will share some of our findings and what we have learned on our way to making Shopify faster every day.

Erin Wild and Javier Moreno

Erin Wild and Javier Moreno are members of the Performance Engineering team at Shopify. Erin has a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Guelph and Javier has a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Illinois.

Along with their team, Erin and Javier spend their days building infrastructure, processes, algorithms, and interfaces for collecting, monitoring, studying, and improving performance across the many Shopify surfaces, including 1M+ shops.

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All about front end performance

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