Annie Sullivan

Henri Helvetica: Well, hello, there what's up everyone.

So it's a beautiful Saturday and I'm in doors, but I got to share, I went on a run today.

My first one is 17 weeks.

I'm a little exhausted right now, obviously, but it was such a beautiful day.

I've I'm just like, I'm feeling good, but I'm also feeling especially good because I have a fantastic guest with me today, or right now, at least I have Annie Sullivan of Google.

And, you know, in a little email exchange I had with her last, I think a couple of days ago I was calling her the queen bee because everyone is buzzing about what she's got to talk about.

So I believe it's going to be something around core web vitals.

Am I correct?


Annie Sullivan: Yeah.

So I lead the team that develops the core web vitals, and I'm really excited to talk about you know, just what are the COVID vitals and especially why we're doing it and how we're hoping to make the web performance better for everybody.

I'm also really excited to talk about a little bit about what we're thinking next.

And I know people had some, there's been a lot of discussions about some of the decisions we made around FID and, you know, I wanted to talk more about why we made certain decisions and why the metrics look the way they do.

Henri Helvetica: Amazing because honestly, I've sort of sat in on a few Twitter threads and whatnot about web vitals.

And, you know, the opinions are like all over, you know, at times I was like, this looks like misinformation.

Hello, Twitter, you got to tag this, you know, but, we are absolutely looking forward to having you and by the way, You should, you guys should also be hopefully as excited because on May 21st and 28th, we are going to myself and Annie be at Lazy Load.

It's going to be the front end performance conference that you do not want to miss.

Once again, there are two rules here.

Rule number one, buy yourself a ticket.

Rule number two, go back to rule number one.

So with that said, we look forward to having you click on that little link for all the information the speakers are all laid out and we'll see you late May.

May have yourself a great day and good to see you and catch you soon.