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Great value, high quality Professional Indemnity, IT Liability insurance, with optional cover for portable devices, and the impact of cybercrime, for creative professionals and agencies.

What's this all about?

Insuring yourself or your agency isn't something you exactly love doing. And a big part of that reticence is uncertainty: what will it cost? What does it cover? And will it really deliver when I need it?

Which is why Web Directions has worked with Intuitive Insurance, to address these concerns (we also think insurance is an important strategy for risk management, that any sensible business should embrace). Afterall, what price would you put on the peace of mind that you know you're covered?

We believe we've put together a high quality, dependable IT Liability and professional indemnity insurance offering, with some great optional add-ons like device cover, at an unbeatable price.

Want to know more?

See our FAQs for some of the most common questions, or send us an email at [email protected] and we'll answer any questions, and help you get the best possible price, with the best possible coverage. All with no obligation, of course.

Web Directions Insurance is developed with Intuitive Insurance, a specialist insurance advisor, specialising in the creative industries.

Who's our insurance designed for?

People like those who attend our conferences–designers and developers in the Web and digital industries. Web designers, front end and back end developers, visual and graphic designers, product, interaction and user experience designers. Our preapproved offering has been designed for freelancers and agencies with a turnover up to $2M per year. If your turnover is larger, we believe we can more than match the price and features of your existing policy. Just drop us a line.

Not sure if you're covered? There's a good chance you are, but drop us a line and we'll clarify.

What does it cover?

Based on your needs, you can tailor a policy that covers many or all of your business requirements, including:

Pricing is based on your turnover, and the level of cover you require, and we're very confident it will be more than competitive with your current premiums and cover.

What does it cost?

Use our online calculator to get a estimate of you cost of the cover you need, including any taxes and fees, anonymously, in just a couple of minutes.

Got more questions?

Our FAQ answers as much as we can, contact us.

What people are saying about our insurance

Kai Brach
After looking around online I came across the offer by Web Directions. Knowing that they understand people working in tech like no one else, it was a pretty easy choice. The great price and fast response to my emails were the cherries on the cake.

Kai Brach

Steve Gillies
We're big fans of Web Directions insurance. As a technical recruiting firm, we're responsible for insuring a number of software developers all at once. They made something that's complex simple and helped us find the right amount of cover at a good price. They're the best we've come across when it comes to personalised service - they're always around to talk us through our questions.

Steve Gillies, Lookahead Search