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Matt Colman

CSS Variables for Real Life

Matt Colman Senior Software Engineer Atlassian

CSS Variables is still a bit of a buzz word. Many of us have googled it, looked at some examples, maybe even done a tutorial, but how many of us have used CSS Variables in production?

I want to show you how and why we used CSS Variables in production in the new deployments view in Jira. More importantly I want to show you how to spot a potential use case for CSS Variables so you're ready for it when it's staring you in the face! Oh, and our use case is not dark mode or theming!

Matt Colman

A dad, a drummer and a CSS lover.

Matt is a frontend developer, focussed on building great user experiences through innovative and responsive design.

Having previously worked on Reading Eggs, Draftstars, Domain and now Jira at Atlassian, Matt believes he now somewhat understands CSS, sometimes.

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The Conference CSS deserves

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