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Jason O'Neill

A dependency deep dive

Jason O'Neill Software Engineer Culture Amp

Modern JavaScript is all about dependencies. With over 1.5m packages on NPM, and 5114 packages used in "Create React App", the package ecosystem can feel overwhelming. But underneath the complexity are basic rules that give structure to our projects.

In this talk, I'll unpack the key concepts that hold the NPM ecosystem together. We'll explore the different types of dependencies, semantic versioning, node's module resolution algorithm, and how all these work together to give you package management superpowers like linking, de-duping, and setting up multi-package workspaces.

By mastering the fundamental concepts underpinning NPM we can make the most of JavaScript's incredible package ecosystem.

Jason O'Neill

Jason O’Neil is a software engineer at Culture Amp – a company that improves the world of work by helping organizations invest in their people and culture.

He leads the Foundations team, helping our 100+ engineers build software in an efficient and sustainable way by maintaining shared tools and libraries, like our Kaizen design system.

Jason lives in Perth, Western Australia

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