25–26 June 2015 in Melbourne, Australia

Presented by Web Directions

Australia's Professional JavaScript & Front End Engineering Conference

Keeping up with the constantly evolving Web platform is a full time job. Let it be ours, and not yours. So you can get on with building faster, more secure, more scalable, more engaging Web products.

What is Code?

Code is two day, one track conference, featuring World leading experts in JavaScript and developing for the Web platform.

Produced by Web Directions, and curated by John Allsopp, we've got over a decade's experience in professional events for the Web industry, and John has over 20 years experience developing with, teaching and writing about Web technologies.

Topics in a nutshell

Code covers the technologies and practices you need to build fast, engaging, secure Web products.

Technologies like JavaScript, advanced CSS, and Web Platform APIs. Patterns and practices focussed on security, scalability and performance

Why Attend?

Think of Code as your once-a-year, supercharged refresher course on the current state of JavaScript, Web technologies and best practice in Front End Engineering.

What should you be focussing on right now? What's next? We bring the leading experts real world experts from around Australia and the World to share their insights and expertise and help you answer those questions.

Who's it for?

Code is for professionals and teams developing for the Web platform

  • Front end developers and engineers
  • Web developers
  • engineering managers
  • CTOs

If you build sophisticated stuff for the Web, Code will help you do it better.

Expert Speakers

Code, like all our events, will feature leading experts, with deep real-world experience from around the country and the World, delivered to your doorstep. It's carefully curated to ensure genuine value and relevance.

Speakers at this year's Code are helping to shape the Web's core technologies, and include those serving on the W3C's Technical Architecture Group, the IETF's HTTP Working group, ECMA's TC39 Committee for Standardising JavaScript, and the jQuery board of advisors.

Photo of Alex Russell

Alex Russell, Google Chrome, W3C TAG

What comes next for the Web Platform?

Photo of Rachel Nabors

Rachel Nabors

State of the Animation

Photo of Alex Sexton

Alex Sexton, front end engineer, Stripe

Current best practice in Front End Ops

Photo of Clark Pan

Clark Pan

ES6 Symbols

Photo of Ben Teese

Ben Teese

A Deep-Dive into ES6 Promises

Photo of James Hunter

James Hunter

Async and await

Photo of Alex Mackey

Alex Mackey

JavaScript numbers

Photo of Andy Sharman

Andy Sharman

Classing up ES6

Photo of Jess Telford

Jess Telford

Scope Chains & Closures

Photo of Kassandra Perch

Kassandra Perch, Bocoup

Stop the Fanaticism–using the right tools for the job

Photo of Mark Nottingham

Mark Nottingham, Akamai, IETF

What does HTTP/2 mean for Front End Engineers?

Photo of Mark Dalgleish

Mark Dalgleish, SEEK, MelbJS

Dawn of the Progressive Single Page App

Photo of Elijah Manor

Elijah Manor, Front End Developer

Eliminate JavaScript Code Smells

Photo of Domenic Denicola

Domenic Denicola, Google

Async Frontiers in JavaScript

Photo of Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts, Expedia

Getting offline with the Service Worker

Photo of Simon Knox

Simon Knox

Crossing The Streams

Photo of Jonathon Creenaune

Jonathon Creenaune

Back to the future with Web Components

Photo of Rhiana Heath

Rhiana Heath

Pop-up Accessibility

Photo of Warwick Cox

Warwick Cox

Console dot

Photo of Simon Swain

Simon Swain

Canvas Cold War

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Classic Pass

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Masterclass June 24 ?

The DOM in Motion masterclass with Rachel Nabors

Speaker Dinner June 25 ?

Your chance for a casual, one on one chat with a speaker or two, over a great meal with your peers.

Conference June 25–26

  • 2 day conference.
  • Code Happy Hour (& ½)
  • Closing Night Party
  • Awesome conference coffee
  • Sensational catered breaks


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  • Code 2012–2014

Find the conference pass for you

Gold Pass

  • Conference

  • Speaker Dinner

  • Masterclass

  • $1,699 Until June 25

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Masterclass: the DOM in Motion

Photo of Rachel Nabors

On June 24th, the renowned Rachel Nabors will be presenting her Web Animation Masterclass, 'The DOM in Motion'. With animated user experiences moving from nice to have to a necessity, get up to speed with what's possible, and best practice to ensure high performance, 'jank-free' animation on even everyday mobile devices.
For best value, register for a Gold Ticket, which includes Conference pass, the Master Class, and a place at the speaker dinner.

Register for Masterclass Only

You'll Learn

Animating DOM elements is crucial to developing interactive designs and interfaces, and CSS and the Web Animation API offer some of the most performant ways to animate today. This workshop gives attendees the future-facing tools they need to do just that. Rich with fun example code, demonstrations, and lectures, there’s a great mix here for people of all learning styles.

Required equipment and knowledge

This workshop is for Web Developers and Designers who use JavaScript. Bring your laptop to work along on the day.

Key take aways

  • Mastery of CSS transitions and animations
  • How performance and rendering are intertwined
  • Stateful Animation with JavaScript
  • The Web Animation API
  • Time Objects
  • Controlling playback
  • Animation events

Code together

Teams get more

Sending a team of 5 or more to Code is now even more valuable. For the price of a classic ticket per team member, you'll get:

  • A Silver pass for each attendee
  • An invitation for each member to our exclusive speaker Dinner June 25th.
  • A Device Lab Pro with Ghostlab license.
  • A team license to all the past Code videos, as well as videos from Code 2015

Just use the code team when you register.

End of Financial Year?

We know Code comes right at the end of the financial year, so if you've got 2015 budget to spend, let us help you.

But if you're all out of 2015 budget, get in touch, we hopefully can make something work for you!

The venue

Code 2017 will be held in the ANZ Pavilion at the iconic Arts Centre Melbourne, right on the Yarra in Southbank.

ANZ Pavilion,
Arts Centre Melbourne,
100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

Getting there:

With excellent public transport connections right outside, and Flinders Street Station right across the bridge, it's our best connected location yet.


We've lined up a fantastic rate of 10% off the right-next-door Mantra Southbank's best rate. Use the code webdirections when you book at the Mantra's site.

Check out Wotif and Airbnb as well


Attending Code 2015 is a whole lot more than what happens from 9–5, and Melbourne has countless great places to grab a drink or a meal at any hour of the night or day. Here's some of our favourite close by places.

About Us

Co-founded and now run by John Allsopp, Web Directions has for over a decade brought together leading developers, engineers, visual, IxD, UX and product designers, Art and Creative Directors, indeed everyone involved in producing web and digital products to learn from one another, and the World's leading experts across this vast field.

We spend our lives thinking about what comes next, keeping up with trends in technology, practices and processes, and filtering the hype, to make sure you don't miss trends that matter, and don't waste time on hype that doesn't.

We promise attending one of our events will leave you significantly better versed in the challenges you face day to day, and in solutions for addressing them.

John Allsopp

John Allsopp has been working on the Web for over 20 years. He's been responsible for innovative developer tools such as Style Master, X-Ray and many more. He's spoken at numerous conferences around the World and delivered dozens of workshops in that time as well.

His writing includes two books, including Developing With Web Standards and countless articles and tutorials in print and online publications.

His "A Dao of Web Design" published in 2000 is cited by Ethan Marcotte as a key influence in the development of Responsive Web Design, who's rightly acclaimed article in 2010 begins by quoting John in detail, and by Jeremy Keith as "a manifesto for anyone working on the Web".


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Code of Conduct

For over a decade, we've worked hard to create inclusive, fun, inspring and safe events for the Web Industry.

As part of our commitment to these values, we've adopted a code of conduct for all involved: ourselves, our speakers, our partners and our audience.

If you have any concern or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us.