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Serg Hospodarets

Front-End Platform Engineering

Serg Hospodarets Global Head of Engineering

Serg went from a team leader and architect, to a Director and Global Head of Product Engineering, so has an understanding of the needs of both developers, business and customers.

He built a few Platform Engineering organisations, and delivered Web Cloud Platforms to developers and customers, and now is open to share his experience in enabling teams, business and customers.

Front-End Platform Engineering

We are switching from the era of Front-End DevOps to a Platform Engineering- to create company-specific platform to develop and deliver their products.

It goes through the stages of a Design System creation, integrated in a UI Framework (React, Vue, Angular…), and building an abstraction level on top of Cloud providers (AWS, Azure etc.) and tooling (K8S, Terraform..), and CI/CD pipelines (GitLab, Github) + observability and security enablement, to move the cognitive load from the product delivery teams.

Picking the right tooling, foster the culture, solution and approaches is complex, but there is a common set of patterns and tools, so this talk is to describe both the reasons why Platform Engineering is a must, and to demo which tools and approaches will help you in this journey.

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All things front end development.

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