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Léonie Watson

Conversational interfaces in the browser

Léonie Watson Director and co-founder Tetralogical

Conversational interactions are everywhere - in our homes, our cars, and on all our devices, but do we have the capability to design and build conversational interfaces in the browser?

The answer is yes; sort of. The pieces of the puzzle are all there, but how well do they fit together and how much can we actually do today?

Léonie Watson

Léonie is Director of TetraLogical; a member of the W3C Advisory Board; co-Chair of the W3C Web Applications Working Group; and a member of the BIMA Inclusive Design Council. Amongst other things, Léonie is co-organiser of the Inclusive Design 24 (#id24) conference; co-author of the Inclusive Design Principles; and mentor to young people interested in the fields of accessibility and inclusive design. She is also a Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP).

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