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James Cave &Chris Lienert


James Cave & Chris Lienert Principal Consultants Cognizant Servian

Chris Lienert started out as a web developer when Netscape ruled the world and works as a Principal Consultant at Cognizant Servian in Melbourne. He organises community groups Men Championing Change and Melbourne CSS. Aside from musical distractions and accumulating frequent flyer points, Chris and his wife Sarah can be found in the company of their not-so-small human.

James Cave is a wanderer. Starting in web development and database design last century, he's been through many guises, but always driven by the data. Despite trying hard to avoid it, James found his way into cybersecurity and is currently working on security architecture through Cognizant Servian. Outside work, James spends as much time as possible in the woods, obsessed with sustainability.


If you go by media releases, security breaches don't happen that often. In practice, there are many incidents that no one ever hears about and sooner or later it's going to happen to you.

What happens when you get hacked? We'll go through different scenarios and discuss what you can do about it.

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All things front end development.

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