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Alex Russell

PWAs & Project Fugu: Closing The Relevance Gap

Alex Russell Partner Program Manager Microsoft Edge

Chromium's Project Fugu is an open collaboration to push the capabilities of the web platform forward through standards. When combined with Progressive Web Apps, we're approaching a point where whole classes of applications that were previously exclusive to native apps are coming to market on the web. This talk digs into the what, but also the why, of this huge expansion of power for web developers.

Alex Russell

Alex Russell (@slightlylate) is a Partner Program Manager on Microsoft Edge. Prior to joining Edge, he spent a dozen years on the Chrome team where he designed new features for the Web Platform. Alex served as Tech Lead for Project Fugu, Chrome's Standards Tech Lead, was a delegate to ECMA TC39, and served three terms as an elected representative to the W3C's Technical Architecture Group.

His recent projects include Progressive Web Apps, Service Workers, and Web Components, along with ES6 features like Classes and Promises. Previously he helped build Chrome Frame and led the Dojo Toolkit project. Alex plays for Team Web.

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